TOLEDO (WTOL) - The President of a local community college is trying to eliminate the stigma, associated with students who choose to attend a two-year school before transferring to a university.

One of Steven Robinson’s goals since taking over the position of president at Owen’s Community College is to help eliminate Community College stigma.

So he has helped launch the #EndCCStigma campaign on social media to allow people who have utilized two year schools to share their stories of how a community college impacted their lives.

“We’re a bridge, not a destination and we get people where they need to go. Our tag line is, ‘your success starts here,’” said Robinson.

Robinson said along with being more affordable and having smaller class sizes, community colleges can lead directly to a job with a two-year degree or an immediate pathway to partner schools like UT and BGSU.

Other community colleges in the area include Terra Community College and Northwest State Community College.

In addition, he said that people who chose to save money at a community college should be proud of their decisions, and it can show other universities and employers they have the bigger picture in mind.

“Community College transfer students, when they land at a university, not only do they graduate at a higher rate, but they graduate with higher GPA’s. Our four year college partners know this and that’s why they want to have great pipelines from Owen’s to those four year schools,” said Robinson.