TOLEDO (WTOL) - One young local teacher at the GOAL School for Autism is receiving a special honor.

Chloe Rothschild has been invited to speak at the United Nations next month and genuinely knows what she’s talking about. She, too, has autism.

Chloe grew up attending Model School and Northview. Not at age 26, she works at GOAL about 18 hours a week. mainstream the students back to their home school. And it’s working.

They have individual programs for all and the school is gaining momentum from it’s start in 2012.

Chloe of course, can relate to her students. She connects like nobody else can.

“It’s amazing to see these kids make these accomplishments and help them from my own experience and even the little things that most people think are little are amazing in this building to us and we celebrate them," said Barb Sabin, a director at GOAL. “I’m kinda blessed she’s working here with us obviously she’s very good at helping people with autism and a good advocate and she works with us so it’s the best of both worlds I think.”

And the word on Chloe is beginning to spread.

World Autism Day is April 2 and she’s been invited to the United Nations in New York to show what can be done to help those on the Spectrum.

“I was asked to be on the communications panel in technology because in addition to being verbal I also use this iPad as my communication device so I was asked to speak on a panel with questions on technology," Chloe explained.

GOAL is located near Jackman Road in west Toledo and anyone can attend thru the Autism Scholarship Program.

No TV or video games are allowed. Their focus is to learn. And as you can see, the school has some quality educators.