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Getting ready for back to school

A new school year begins in about a month. Experts say now is the time to start adjusting routines.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Backpacks, buses and packing lunches, it's only a matter of time before that's once again, part of our daily routine.

Psychiatrist Victoria Kelly says those routines are important. 

"Having the routine and structure of the school season actually helps the brain develop better," Kelly said.

Kelly said now is the time to start having conversations with your kids about adjusting bedtimes and backing off on screen time. 

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She recommends sliding bedtime up about 15 minutes each night for two weeks ahead of the first day of school. 

Then, establish ground rules for how the school year is going to go. 

"So what are the rules going to be for friends coming over? What are your chores gonna be? What are the homework times gonna be?" Kelly said.

That includes extracurriculars too. Dr. Kelly said while they're important, it's also important not to overschedule your kids. So also take this time to develop a plan together. 

"It's also an opportunity to reevaluate what happened last year," Kelly said. "How are your social relationships? Did you talk about bullying? What are your child's academic goals? How do they want to do better in school?"

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Dr. Kelly also recommends doing a test run to make sure everyone gets to where they need to be on time. She said to account for five extra minutes for each kid. 

In the meantime, have fun. 

"Family fun days or whatever it might be. Then, also schedule it throughout the year." Kelly said.

This will give you all something to look forward to.

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