MAUMEE, Ohio — September 11 is a day that forever changed our nation. While many of us have memories of the tragedy, kids in middle school have only been told stories.

Gateway Middle School did their part to remember the events that happened 18 years ago.

The school invited first responders from the Maumee area to have lunch with the students so they talk about their jobs and explain how it relates to what happened in New York City.

"The thing about our job is you never know from day-to-day where you're going to be, what you're going to do and the situations that you're going to be put in,"  said Maumee firefighter and paramedic, Connie Durham. "With our kids-- some of them know that and some of them don't, so to be here and share this with them and explain to them what happened on that day so they know. We want to make sure they remember and they don't forget."

Durham said she knows that her job is an important one, especially on 9/11. She wants her son, who is a 6th grader at Gateway, to know the history of this day and how she is able to help people every day.

Her son, Nathaniel, said she is his role model and is thankful for what she does.

"I like it when she helps other people and I can experience it if she tells me," Nathaniel Durham said. 

Durham wants her son and others to know that there's no reason to get nervous about their jobs as first responders because they are helping other people.

Even though these kids were born after 2001, it's clear they have good knowledge of the events that happened on September 11.


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