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Dundee Community Schools turns Inclement Weather Days into Remote Learning Days

Beginning Nov. 30, there will no longer be 'snow days' for students at Dundee schools during the 2020-21 school year. Instead, those students will learn remotely.
Credit: WTOL

DUNDEE, Mich. — Students at Dundee Community Schools will no longer have "snow days" without instruction. Inclement Weather Days, where in-person learning is canceled due to snow, ice or other dangerous weather conditions will now be turned into remote learning days instead.

According to a memo sent to families, students and staff by Superintendent Edward Manuszak, this change is in an attempt to recapture as many learning days as possible. 

The change begins Monday, Nov. 30 and impacts the 2020-21 school year, unless negotiated differently with teachers in the future. 

During these days, students will learn remotely with teachers. If a remote learning day is already planned, no change will occur - except for staff, who will receive communication if it is unsafe for them to travel to school and they will instead work from home.

Students will be expected to work at the following levels during the inclement weather/remote learning days:

Elementary School: no more than two and a half hours of work issued

Middle School: no more than four hours of student attention time required

High School: Four and six hours engaging with teachers and/or on assigned tasks

Riverside Academy: work will be expected to be completed, with further details shared that day

Elementary School families received communication from their principal and on Facebook on Nov. 18 regarding remote learning schedules. 

Middle School students are asked to check Google Classroom and High School students should check email and Google Classroom as well.

Riverside Academy will communicate with students if the weather event is known a day in advance while they are together and if a weather event is unexpected, students are expected to continue and complete their work. They will follow their normal Zoom schedule. 

Each teacher and building will also provide further communication.