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BGSU reintroduces online certificate for K-12 teachers

Teachers are going back to school. BGSU is bringing back a program to help grade school teachers get educated in a virtual-learning world.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Bowling Green State University is hoping to help grade school teachers expand their skills and become better educators in what has become a virtual learning world.

After K through 12 schools in Ohio moved to distance learning in March because of the coronavirus, the university began working on a certificate program that would help teachers with their jobs, virtually.

The Online Teaching and Learning Certificate was first developed in the mid-2000s but was then put on pause.

In March, leaders at the university felt it was important to update and bring it back because of what grade school teachers and students had to go through during the pandemic. 

Dr. Julie Matuga, a professor in the revived program, says teaching now is totally different from the mid-2000s.

"We've modified the curriculum to really take advantage of teacher's prior experiences teaching online in the spring of 2020 and we've also really emphasized the learning components," Matuga said.

The certificate program will address how to effectively use online tools, manage classrooms digitally, and how to help students learn as best as they can online.

Matuga says this program reflects what teachers have gone through over the last couple of months and how virtual learning will likely play a large role in how schooling is in the future.

The fully online program will be offered in the fall but will have some courses starting July 6.

More information on the new certificate program is available here.

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