BOWLING GREEN (WTOL) - The Ohio Attorney General’s Center for the Future of Forensic Science is now open on campus.

Students are already getting to work in the new facility. The technology now available, is virtually identical to what Ohio BCI uses to investigate crimes.

“It’s been really cool, all this equipment was from BCI so it’s exactly what we’re going to be working with when we get into the field," said BGSU student Natalie Wise.

“There’s a lot of pieces that other schools don’t have access to because we have the BCI,” added BGSU student Nevada Smith.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine lead this 41.2 million project during his time as Ohio Attorney General. Now Ohio Attorney General David Yost is spending his first full day on the job supporting what mike DeWine started.

“This is so critical for criminal justice here in Ohio, for crime scene investigations, so much now relies on science,” said Yost.

The center will also help students learn how to fight the opioid crisis.

“The main thing is that our students are working on techniques and methods to rapidly detect opioid type drugs,” said Dr. Jon Sprague at BGSU.

Both students along with forensic professionals and law enforcement will conduct research at the center.