EDITORIAL: Who should issue parking tickets in Toledo?

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Getting a parking ticket in downtown Toledo is unpleasant. But, as in most downtown areas, policing the illegal parkers is a necessary evil.

In Toledo, there is currently a debate between the mayor's office and the police union about who should hand out those tickets.

According to the mayor's office, this is a job that can be adequately done by someone other than a highly-trained and well-paid police officer. This gives the police one less thing to worry about.

I just don't see this as a back-door effort to limit or reduce the number of cops in the city. In fact, there are two police training classes that have been approved, which will eventually provide more than 80 much-needed new officers.

The mayor is right on this one. The city is best served by having as many police officers on duty as possible. By keeping those officers focused on criminals and public safety, someone else can hand out the parking tickets.