EDITORIAL: Gun control debate not likely to produce change

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL EDITORIAL) - The mass killing of innocent children in Newtown, Connecticut has rendered our nation dumbstruck. It is not possible for normal thinking people to comprehend a horror of this magnitude. Yet we are now faced with the inevitable questions about what comes next.

Sadly, we have become a nation so divided and convinced of the rightness of our beliefs that common sense and compromise are no longer possible. So don't look for reason to win out in the gun control debate. It won't happen. And don't expect a leader to emerge with the courage to point out that we now have 500,000 fewer psychiatric beds in America than we had 50 years ago. There is no place in Obamacare for such an inconvenient statistic.

Instead brace yourself for endless, self-righteous braying and the shrill demonizing of gun owners. And none of this, not a single word of it, will bring those dear children back nor protect others from someone who is determined to kill.

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