TOLEDO (WTOL) -The east Toledo community came together Thursday to see how they can stop the violence happening in their own neighborhood.

Council members, Sheriff John Tharp and the county prosecutor were all there to hear concerns and let people know where the areas of high crime are located.

The goal was to create a safer environment by getting neighbors active in their surrounding community.

"Here you're dealing with the residents here who have to heal with the aftermath of the shooting. They also want to know where these individuals are getting them. They want to know how they can better protect their neighborhood," Councilman Larry Sykes said.

The meeting brought in many concerned residents.

One of them was 26-year-old James Meyers who said he wants to see change where he lives.

"The great thing about this is it's a great opportunity to get people together, voice their issues and get some resources and have the opportunity to speak to the different organizers, the different business owners and community members all at one time," Meyers said.

People in East Toledo are realizing this is the beginning of a long process to bring about change.

“Law enforcement is only as good as the information they receive. The people that live in the community, this is what they have that they can share with us so we can be stronger with the information we receive,” Tharp said.