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Dr. Ben Carson brings his presidential campaign to Findlay

On Wednesday, Carson made his way through Northwest Ohio, making a stop at Pilgrim Family Restaurant in Findlay.
Presidential hopeful, Ben Carson, speaks to supporters in Findlay Wednesday.

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is hitting the campaign trail in an attempt to help change his status in the polls.

On Wednesday, he made his way through northwest Ohio, making a stop at Pilgrim Family Restaurant in Findlay.

An overflow of people waited outside the restaurant to get a glimpse of Dr. Carson.

"We're just a small town and I try to get out and see all the presidential candidates," said Carson supporter Kim Dunbar.

The presidential hopeful caused quite a stir recently when he said he would not support a Muslim for president. Despite some backlash, many supporters are rallying for him even more.

"I don't advocate anybody whose values and principles are not consistent with our constitution," said Dr. Carson.

Carson's campaign says those comments have only strengthened his support and supporters in Findlay don't seem fazed. 

"He's right, I don't think a Muslim should be in there. I'll be totally honest I don't feel a Muslim should be in there," said Dunbar.

When WTOL asked if the comments were to rile up his conservative supporters he replied, "They can only imagine what they would be doing it for. They can't imagine what anybody else would do it for."

Carson's campaign said he's received record donations since the controversial comments, so if he's doing it to rile up supporters, it's working.