BOWLING GREEN (WTOL) - Downtown Bowling Green is making big changes in the next two years.

The city plans to put three more parking lots around town and add public restrooms.

On Monday city council voted for the city to purchase land covering 4 separate properties, many of which line South Church street, the spot of the new Wooster Green site.

It’s located at the intersection of Church and Wooster St. it will officially open at the end of May. City officials plan on putting the public restrooms close to Wooster green, in order to ensure families can enjoy the space.

Many neighboring communities have public restrooms in their downtown area as well.

“It really meets a lot of different needs in our community. I think having restrooms and facilities in the downtown area for people to use, even if they’re not patronizing a particular business it opens up an opportunity for families to be downtown and enjoy downtown,” said Joe Fawcett, Public Information Officer for Bowling Green.

“The new parking lots will be great for people coming downtown, shopping, eating,” said one downtown worker.

Because of leasing arrangements the project will not start until next year, which is when residents will start seeing changes.