Dog warden to raise some fees in Lucas County

TOLEDO, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Lucas County Commissioners approved the dog warden's request to boost fees for the services provided Thursday morning.

The dog warden charges the public to respond to loose dogs, board dogs, and prepare dogs for adoption. Officials say they have been charging hardly anything, compared to what it actually costs to do the work and the numbers have made it tough to operate.

Increases are expected with the following:

-In the past, it cost $4 for officers to come out and seize dogs. The cost will go up to $20.

-If a dog was boarded at the pound, it used to cost an owner just $1.50 a day, but it cost the pound more than $17. That fee will now go up to $15 for the first day, then drop to a lowered rate for each additional day.

-Adoption fees will increase from $50 to $100, but that includes a rabies shot, other vaccines and a microchip.

Officials at the warden's office say the cost of dog licenses will not be increased.

"We don't want to make it cost prohibitive for someone to claim their dog. We want to make it to encourage people to claim their dog. The quicker they claim it, the cheaper it is. But we want dogs to go home, we don't want them to sit there because of the fees," said Julie Lyle, Lucas County dog warden.