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Dog shot in south Toledo, man arrested for assaulting police

Toledo police were called to a home in south Toledo Wednesday night for a vicious dog complaint and ended up shooting a dog there.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo police were called to a home in south Toledo Wednesday night for a vicious dog complaint and ended up shooting a dog there.

Police responded to the call on Thomas Street just before 8 p.m. and met with a man who said he was attacked by three dogs who had escaped from a yard on Balfe Street. Police say the man was bitten in the arm and sustained severe lacerations while walking in the alley.

"The dog starts running, barges through the gate, jumps at my face, gets a hold of my arm and he's ripping and tearing,” said Ryan Kozsa, who lives behind the house where the dog was shot.

He also says the dogs have always been a problem and he warned the officers.

"I told them, ‘watch it when you go over there, because even if you see them in the gate, they bust through the gate',” said Kozsa.

Jay Rummell, the owner of the dogs, says his dogs are not the only ones to blame. He says Kozsa is also responsible.

"He provoked the dogs he has his own pit-bull, and he likes fighting it, and he was trying to provoke my dog to attack him because his dog lost a bought with my dog,” said Rummell.

The Lucas County Deputy Dog Warden later arrived to help police contact Rummell. As Rummell was being cited for failure to confine dogs, police say his roommate Brandon Gill opened the door to the house and yelled at officers.

Officers say the dogs then got loose, charging police. The officer being chased fired several shots at the lead dog. The other two dogs then ran back into the house.

"The officers retreated to the side of the house, where one of the officers discharged his firearm at the lead dog. He did strike the lead dog,” said Lt. Jeff Gorney with the Toledo Police Department.

That officer fired several shots, and Rummell says he was struck by a ricochet bullet. Police are calling it a superficial wound.

"It would have went in farther than it did if it wasn't a ricochet. The bullet was stuck in my clothing,” said Rummell.

Police say Gill then came off the porch and began swinging at officers. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with felony assault on a police officer.

The injured dog was taken to the Lucas County Dog Warden. Rummell says he was put down on Thursday.

On Thursday, WTOL had the only cameras's rolling as the dog warden and police arrived at the home to take another dog.

Neighbors say the dogs have been terrorizing their neighborhood for a long time.

"It attacked my dog two weeks ago, attacked my wife, the pug across the street. It's chasing people up and down the street. The dog warden called out three times, it took this to happen, before something happened. I'm an animal lover, I'm sorry the dog got shot. I feel bad, but what's supposed to happen? The dog went after the officer," said Kozsa.

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