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7-year-old gets one-on-one chat with Vice President Pence at Schmucker's

Before the rally at the Huntington Center Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence stopped by Schmucker's Restaurant to meet with customers.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Vice President Mike Pence made a stop at a Toledo staple when he came to town. He made sure to get some pie from Schmucker's. 

Friday, the owner of the restaurant, Doug Schmucker, said Mr. Pence's visit was all anyone talked about that day, and business was booming. 

Schmucker said that this is what he's done for any vice president who stops by.

"Back in 2012, Biden joined us in the same fashion. In fact, I told Vice President Pence that this is my second rodeo. He said he was aware of that and we got a big laugh out of that. It's feeling good that we now have vice presidents from both parties that have honored us with their presence," he said.

Schmucker said they didn't know the vice president was going to eat there until 20 minutes before he showed up.

Seven-year-old Grayson McBroom was one of the first customers to talk with Pence. Grayson's mom, Tonya Webber, was with him at the time and said that at first, Grayson wasn't quite sure just how big of a deal the man wearing the tie was

"I kept telling him, 'Grayson, this is a big deal.' He went back to eating his hot dog and was like 'eh.' But then when we got home and saw it, he was like, 'That was awesome!'" Webber said.

"I saw the vice president and we were watching the news and he was there. At that airplane," Grayson said.

So what does a 7-year-old talk to the Vice President of the United States about? School. 

"Yeah, I told him it was Summit Academy," Grayson said.

Summit Academy Schools specializes in teaching students with ADHD and autism. Grayson has asperger's.

Webber said she appreciated Pence taking the time to talk with Grayson on a kid level. 

"He was a man talking to a boy about his school. It was somebody who took interest in what my son does and where he goes," she said.

The vice president also gave Grayson a military challenge coin to give his dad who served in the army for 21 years. 

"It didn't matter what side of the campaign you were on, it's one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments," Webber said.

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