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Police, undercover detective arrest two men for promoting prostitution at local motel

Police charged two men on a fourth degree felony of promoting prostitution at a motel on Heatherdowns Boulevard.
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TOLEDO, Ohio — Toledo police and detectives arrested two men on Thursday after they allegedly transported a woman to an area motel to have sexual intercourse with an undercover detective. 

According to an arrest warrant, police arrested 36-year-old Steven Betz and 26-year-old Auston Clark on counts of promoting prostitution, a fourth degree felony. Police said Clark managed, supervised and posted a woman on a website for the purpose of sex for hire. An undercover detective posed as someone soliciting sex to locate the two men. 

Clark allegedly picked up the woman from her home and transported her to Motel 6 on Heatherdowns Boulevard in south Toledo. Clark directed her to have sexual intercourse with the undercover detective for $300.

Police arrested Betz at the same motel on charges of promoting prostitution, having also transported multiple women to the location for the purpose of soliciting sex, according to investigators. 

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Both Clark and Betz were arraigned Friday morning and are due back in court the week of Nov. 7. Toledo Municipal Court set their bonds at $10,000. 

This comes after several similar arrests were made on Wednesday, in which five women were charged with promoting prostitution at area massage parlors. 

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If you or someone you know is suspected of being a victim of human sex trafficking call 419-245-1167 or call/text Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111.


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