A Jacksonville man, who is HIV positive, is facing 12 felony counts after he reportedly photographed himself having sexual relations with a 12-year-old then uploading it to the social media site, Tumblr, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

JSO arrested Columbus Donovan Jeffrey, 42, last Thursday. He's facing felony charges that include the sexual battery of a minor, producing and promoting child pornography, possessing child pornography and having sex without disclosure of HIV.

Police said they received a tip about Jeffrey back in September from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). NCMEC reported that Tumblr identified a user who reportedly uploaded nine child pornography files. After review, authorities deemed two of those files met the definition of child pornography, according to Florida statutes.

Officers obtained the IP address of the user and found out it belonged to an AT&T U-Verse user in Jacksonville, Florida. After requesting available account subscriber information, police discovered that several of the images were taken via cell phone on May 3, one of which showed the face of the suspect with a young male child, the JSO report said. 

JSO immediately contacted AT&T confirming the IP address that the child pornography photos were uploaded from. AT&T confirmed the IP address belonged to Jeffrey, the JSO report said. JSO also discovered that his email address belonged to the Tumblr user who uploaded the child pornography files onto its site, the police report said.

A search warrant was served to Jeffrey's home on Oct. 3 at 2154 W. 16th St. where they found a silver LG phone in his bedroom, police said. Jeffrey was also interviewed by investigators.

Jeffrey denied any sexual relations with children, according to the police report. He did, however, admit that the phone that they found was his and that he couldn't remember any details of the incident, the police report said.

During the interview, Jeffrey also said he's HIV positive.

Police interviewed the 12-year-old victim. The victim told police he spent several days at Jeffrey's house while his mother went to work. He said that Jeffrey had some sort of sexual interaction with him on three separate occasions and that the first time, Jeffrey took a picture of their faces, according to police.

The victim continued to tell police that Jeffrey had sexual relations with him and took pictures of the incidents, the JSO report said.

Police said they found the images on Jeffrey's cell phone.

Jeffrey is in Duval County on a $600,033 bond.