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Perrysburg dog owner reports attempted pet-napping

Some Perrysburg dog owners are concerned after they say someone tried to steal their pets when they were out for walks.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — Perrysburg police are investigating after receiving a report of a man who tried to nab dogs by grabbing the leash out of dog owners' hands.

"We've only received the one report, but obviously according to Facebook, there's some other people that have made comments of having a similar incident out there," Perrysburg Police Chief Patrick Jones said.

A man told police that on June 25 he was walking his two dogs at Perry's Crossing Apartments when he noticed a man nearby acting suspiciously. 

The dog owner said he said something to the man, but the man didn't respond and instead, started walking very quickly towards him. 

Chief Jones said that's when the dog owner pepper sprayed the man and he took off. The chief said the dog owner told officers other people have reportedly seen the same man trying to take dogs off their leashes while they were distracted. 

"He told our officers at that time that there was other people who reported that they have seen the same individual and what he was trying to do was when they were distracted, trying to take their dog off the leash." Jones said.

Jones said the incident is a reminder to always stay aware of your surroundings.

"Put your head on a swivel and be aware of your surroundings, especially when it's somewhere you're not used to or haven't been all the time," he said. "But even in situations like this when you live in a community, you know what's normal for your community. You know people that are normally there, who are not there. If something doesn't seem right, be aware of that situation."

The chief said he has a description of the man, but hasn't been able to locate him.

Jones also said people in the area should not be afraid of walking outside. He only wants everyone to be more aware. 

Chief Jones said it never hurts to carry pepper spray for protection, as Ohio does allow it, but make sure you're educated on it and always stay safe with it. 

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