TOLEDO (WTOL) - An aggravated burglary left one person shot in east Toledo early Thursday morning.

The shooting happened at a home on the 700 block of Euclid near Starr Avenue around midnight.

Police say four or five men with their faces partially covered burst into the home with guns.

Police say there were people inside the home, and one man was shot in the leg and one was hit in the head with a pistol by the intruders.

Police say the man was shot when the intruders fired off a gun while leaving the house. The man was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The intruders also robbed two people of their belongings, according to police.

Police say some people inside the home were able to run out the back of the house and one person hid in the attic to get away from the intruders.

Toledo police are looking for everyone involved in the incident.