TOLEDO, Ohio — A Toledo man faces child endangerment charges after a bag of cocaine was found in his house on the kitchen counter, right next to children's snacks and food, Toledo Police say. 

Kenneth Dwayne Prior, of North Ontario Street, was arrested Wednesday after cocaine and drug paraphernalia was found as a search warrant was being conducted. According to court documents, Prior admitted that there was cocaine on the kitchen counter. 

Three children were inside the residence while police executed the search warrant at the house, which is next to Riverside Elementary School.

In addition to the drugs, a scale was found inside a drawer under the counter where the bag of cocaine was located, and $2,760 was confiscated. Cocaine also was found inside a jewelry box on top of a microwave, court documents state. 

According to court documents, Pryor is also charged with two counts of aggravated trafficking, drug abuse and possession of a controlled substance.