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Henry County Sheriff's Office asking for help in memorial highway sign vandalism cases

If anyone has information, the Sheriff's Office asks that you contact them at 419-592-8010 ext. 9.

HENRY COUNTY, Ohio — The Henry County Sheriff's Office is seeking information related to a case of vandalism of a set of memorial highway signs along Route 6 last week.

Last week, the sheriff's office reported that a memorial highway sign dedicated to former Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Sonnenberg was vandalized.

Pictures of the sign appear to show bullet hole-like damage in multiple locations. As of now, there are no found culprits for the damages, the sheriff's office said.

Then on Friday, the Sheriff's Office reported that a citizen found another sign dedicated to Sonnenberg laying alongside County Road 3A with no further damage. The sign has since been returned.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff's office at 419-592-8010 ext. 9.


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