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Cleveland Heights man's property destroyed by speeding car for 3rd time

John Gall's SUV, house, and garage have each been destroyed by speeding cars on three separate occasions, and he wants the city to do something about it.

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio — A true homeowner’s nightmare is happening in real life to a Cleveland Heights man. Speeding cars have crashed into John Gall's property not once, not twice, but three times. Gall has lived near the intersection of South Taylor & Fairmount for 23 years. 

The problem is cars speeding down South Taylor can’t negotiate the sharp left turn onto Fairmount, and end up crashing onto John’s property. 

"It's crazy. I'm surprised I haven't been hurt or worse. These idiots speeding, and F-250's and... it's just senseless," Gall told 3News.

A couple years ago, a speeding car rolled up in his driveway and totaled his truck. Eight months ago, in November, a speeding car crashed through his house while he was sleeping. 

"I was inside sleeping right by the crash site when the car came through my wall and landed almost in my kitchen. I was asleep this time, too, and I heard a big 'boom' and when I came outside, I heard the guy moaning and saw my garage and car were smashed," said Gall.

Tuesday night at around 11 p.m., John came outside to find his new car – just bought a year ago – and his garage demolished by yet another speeding car. The driver was allegedly fleeing police. 

"First thing I heard was the cop say was, 'He’s in the house! He’s in the house!' – meaning the guy in the car was in the house. And I didn’t wanna get shot, so I stuck my hands up," said Gall.

A guard rail once stood between the street and John’s property, but officials removed it last year, telling John it was an impalement hazard for drivers along Fairmount. Nothing has been put in the rail’s place, and with each crash, John has to eat the cost.

"I’m out thousands of dollars. I’m still out my insurance deductible from the first time," says Gall.

Gall says he's made multiple suggestions to police to replace the rail, but they've only told him what they can't do, not what they can do

"The only viable solution I can think of is to stop allowing people to turn left onto Fairmount from Taylor Rd. Put a giant pile of boulders or something there. I've even suggested large, concrete decorative pots - some kind of barrier," said Gall.

Until things change, Gall will continue to worry about the worst.

"My girlfriend doesn’t wanna spend time here because she’s afraid we’re gonna get hit. Someone could die. Me!"

3News has left multiple messages for Cleveland Heights Police Department, but we've received no information as of this post. In the meantime, Gall has to wait for the police report to be released in this latest incident, so he can get started on his insurance claim. That could take a few days. 

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