BOWLING GREEN (WTOL) - The Bowling Green Police Department is actively investigating an alarming number of car break-ins; 64 to be exact.

Police say 12 were reported on Tuesday and 52 on Thursday. All of the break-ins happened on the east end of town.

Below is a list of addresses where the break-ins occurred:

  • Varsity Square
  • 900 block of Klotz Rd.
  • 706 Napoleon Rd.
  • 400 block of S. Summit

“We’ve had vehicles broken into we’ve had high numbers before but nothing to this level,” said Lt. Daniel Mancuso of the Bowling Green Police Department.

One thing most of the cars had in common, stray items in the backseat. Police are encouraging you not to leave belongings in your car, or least put them in your trunk.

“Predominantly all the vehicles had items inside the vehicle. So when the perpetrator/perpetrators obviously broke in they rummaged through to see if they could find anything to steal," said Lt. Mancuso.

Windows were smashed at Varsity Square apartments, Summit Terrace and other complexes off Napoleon and Klotz Road. One of the areas where there were a significant amount of car break-ins was at Falcons Point off Klotz Road.

Falcons Point is a student housing complex and BGSU students are on spring break right now. Auto glass repair workers flooded Bowling Green Friday to clean up the damage.

“We’re coming out here because we’ve got a couple of people that actually had door glasses broke into today. Actually we’ve been seeing a lot of these around here lately,” said one Auto Glass worker.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Bowling Green Police Department or Wood County Crime Stoppers.