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Blissfield neighbors on edge as search continues for assault and home invasion suspect

Residents say they never expected something like this to happen in their small and quiet village and the incident has them worried.

BLISSFIELD, Michigan — A warning is issued for families in Blissfield be on the lookout. Police are working to track down a man who is accused of breaking into a home, and assaulting the homeowner, before taking off.

Police say he is a threat to the community. Police describe him having short dark hair, dark brown eyes and a scruffy, unshaven beard.

Neighbors in the village of Blissfield say they have been looking over their shoulders as the news spread across town.

"Blissfield's really a tight-knit community and we really just don't see this kind of stuff,” said Audra Baney, a Blissfield resident. “It is kind of frightening."

It's a quiet village full of small businesses and friendly faces. The talk of town right now is a wanted man. He’s the suspect for whom Blissfield Police are searching after an assault and home invasion Monday morning on Redmond Drive. That's just a few doors down from Angelina Marietta's house.

"I feel just a little bit more guarded,” Marietta said. “Where you want to look, scan your environment.”

Audra Baney also lives in the neighborhood.

"It was frightening only because I heard that there was the possibility that there was a gun involved," Baney said.

Crime Stoppers of Lenawee County is still asking for any information related to the case as they believe the suspect is a threat to the community. They urged neighbors to be on the lookout and lock up their property.

"Our doors are locked, our windows are locked cause a lot of the time during the day we just keep it open cause there isn't any unnecessary fear here at all," said Liz Doyle, a Blissfield resident.

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Those who live in the village say it's because this is rare that it's shaken them. Crime Stoppers released a sketch of the suspect described as a slender white male in his 30s. Neighbors say the sketch has them observing their community a little closer.

"Of course you want to think, 'I think I know that person,' and then you're like 'Well, the hair's not quite right',” Marietta said. “You just instantly kind of judge people, but if they are looking for this person I want to be the one that says that is him!"

Blissfield Police sent out extra patrols Tuesday and are still searching. Neighbors are hopeful they will catch the suspect.

"I just pray that they catch him," Baney said.

"I feel safe because they are out there looking for somebody and everybody in this community is also looking for them,” said Liz Doyle. “So, if I were them, I wouldn't want to be here right now."

If you have any information, you're asked to call 911 or Crime Stoppers of Lenawee County at 517-266-6161 or 877-276-8477. Visitors can also go to www.p3tips.com/431 to report anonymously.