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10-year-old Ohio boy rewarded for helping rescue his family from armed intruder

Taveon Robinson was rewarded by Defiance police with a "Junior Valor Award" certificate Wednesday afternoon.

DEFIANCE, Ohio — The Defiance City Police Department is recognizing a young boy for his efforts in helping rescue his family from an armed intruder.

Police responded to a 911 call the morning of Jan. 16 about an armed person breaking into a home. 

When officers arrived, Taveon Robinson, 10, had just run out of his house barefoot. He told the officers vital information that the masked intruder had grabbed a weapon inside the house and was threatening his family.

"The best thing about that is he did advise us the weapon was a BB gun and not a firearm. Had that information not been relayed, this would've been a more tragic situation," said Chief Todd Shafer.

A family member was able to call 911 using her cell phone while she was looking for safety in a bedroom, according to police.

No one was hurt and the intruder was arrested.

Taveon was rewarded with a "Junior Valor Award" certificate at his elementary school Wednesday afternoon in honor of his bravery, strong leadership, problem solving skills and staying calm in the face of adversity.

"Heroism doesn't just happen in older people," Shafer said. "It can happen in all shapes and sizes and forms, and this young man provided the information that we needed to absolutely bring this to a peaceful resolution."

Taveon is also part of the department's mentoring program at his elementary school, which the chief says helped the boy have faith and trust with the officers. 

It's an attitude the chief hopes parents will reinforce with their children.

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