Crime alert system may become available for entire city
Eye Citizen helps inform residents when a crime is occurring in their neighborhood.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Four months ago, the Old Orchard neighborhood became the first in Toledo to have access to Eye Citizen. The program will soon be expanding to other parts of the city.

Eye Citizen is a program that sends email or text alerts to people when a crime is going on near them. Old Orchard residents said it has added to their sense of security, and they can't wait for others to feel the same.

"I think it will help more people to have information about what's going on in their area, so they can continue to keep a look out," said John Skrovan, a subscriber to the service.

Councilman Tom Waniewski said the plan was for the program to start in Old Orchard and then open up to the entire city. He now has the support of the mayor and fellow council members.

Waniewski said the expansion will bring more features, like being able to narrow the alerts down to just the street the subscriber lives on.

Skrovan said he would like the service to include being able to respond, in case subscribers saw anything during the crime.

Waniewski said he hopes to get the expansion worked into the city budget by the end of the month. If it's approved, Eye Citizen could go live city-wide within three to four months.