TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The bitter, winter cold is not stopping construction crews from working on renovating the old Fiberglas Tower in downtown Toledo.

On the ground outside The Tower on the Maumee, formerly known as The Fiberglas Tower, you see evidence of crews hard at work - trucks, equipment, materials etc.

But where are the crews? All the way on the top floors of the building, putting in apartment units.

Mark Clouse, chief financial officer with the Eyde Company, says construction started in October.

Retail space is planned for floor one, and office space is planned for two through 17. Apartments are planned for floors 18 through 28, with units available by the end of 2017. Clouse says the apartment units are being rebuilt right now with new floors, drywall, plumbing and electrical.

He says things are moving right along.

"You're a little less susceptible to weather issues. We have to obviously maintain a certain level of heat in that building as workers are working inside, and before you start putting up drywall, but for the most part if it's raining or snowing it doesn't impact what you're doing because you're already in, you know, an enclosed building," said Clouse.

Clouse says they are proud and excited to be a part of the downtown revitalization.