It was a fun night at the Mud Hens game for the Shaw Family on Friday night.

They watched as Corey threw out the ceremonial first pitch for their strike out stroke game. A moment that just a few months ago, no one would have expected.

"I never pictured anything like this ever happening, especially being this young,” recalled Corey Shaw, 33-year-old stroke survivor. “I mean I was probably in the same population as everybody else. A lot of people think that strokes don't happen to younger guys and they can."

Corey was bowling with his friends In December of 2018 when he recalls feeling lightheaded and losing his balance. Thankfully he was around medical professionals who acted fast, likely saving Corey.

"It's like wow I mean, obviously the good Lord was watching over us,” said Corey. “Because there's no explanation to why everything lined up that way."

Corey is from Hudson, Michigan and after Dr. Richard Burgess with ProMedica’s Toledo Hospital saw him via a remote telestroke system, he knew he needed to bring him to Toledo for surgery right away. 

Corey couldn't speak or move half his body.

"I was able to drive right up into his brain, pull out the clot,” said Doctor Burgess a Neruo Interventional Surgeon. “His speech returned, his right side of weakness returned immediately within five minutes of pulling out the clot. So, a really great story."

Thanks to new technology they removed a blood clot from the left side of Corey's brain. His story serves as a reminded to B.E. F.A.S.T. 

That’s an acronym to help you recognize some of the sudden signs that indicate a stroke.

B- Balance, Watch for sudden loss of balance

E- Eyes, Check for vision loss

F- Face, Look for an uneven smile

A- Arm, Chick if one arm is weak

S- Speech, Listen for slurred speech

T- Time, Call 911 right away

Doctors say time is critical, because they can help you.

"We have amazing new technologies, abilities to help these patients, but if they are not aware of the problem and they don't come to the hospital quickly, if they don't call 911 we can't help them," said Dr. Burgess.

So during National Stroke Awareness month they are reminding you to be alert and proactive. It could save a life, like Corey’s.  He is still on the mend and doctor’s are still working to figure out what caused his stroke, but he is doing well. He's grateful to be alive and spending time with his loved one's and doing things he'd never imagine, like striking out stroke with the Mud Hen’s help.

"It's an absolute honor,” said Corey Shaw of throwing the first pitch. “It’s not something that you really think sits on the bucket list especially going through this and everything else. If anything, it will bring awareness to other people."

As the month of May continues to raise awareness about stoke, health professionals urge you to learn more and talk to your doctor. They say strokes are the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S and the number one cause of disability worldwide. If you want to learn more you can click here.