MEMPHIS, Tenn. — St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; a safe haven for families from around the world searching for hope, after learning their children have cancer.

Work inside the hospital is underway around the clock every day of the year.

"We take care of the leukemia patients, the solid tumor patients, hematology patients, the brain tumor  patients," explains a nurse in the St. Jude Medicine Room.

It’s a commitment started back in 1962 when St. Jude opened by Founder Danny Thomas.

Since then, researchers have been able to bring childhood cancer survival rates to well over 80 percent, at one time it was considered a death sentence.

The research at St. Jude, not only benefits the kids who come to the hospital, but the entire world. Researchers freely share their groundbreaking discoveries with the medical community saving thousands of lives. 

Those researchers are just part of the team making miracles happen every day .

On the front lines are dozens of doctors and nurses.   

"Working here,I actually feel like I’m doing good in the world," explained registered nurse, Kelsey Dyer.

Dyer is one of several registered nurses in the Intensive care unit dealing directly with patients and their families.

"This is the only place in the world you would want to be during the hardest time of your life," said Syer. 

The treatments patients undergo can be a grueling, painstaking and quite lengthy with some plans lasting two to three years.

"It’s really like a home away from home, for everyone being treated here. And we support them, treat them and help them get through this," explained Dyer.

That help goes beyond just checking vitals and administering medications, nurses like Kelsey go beyond the text book and assist patients in reestablishing routines that were taken away because of cancer. Essentially becoming a friend, mentor and  Ally.  

"I’ve seen children say their first word, or take their first step – and hit those first milestones which they should be doing at home – but they are doing here," said Dyer. 

The help provided at St. Jude never comes at a cost for families, allowing parents to focus on their child.

"Their main priority if being there for their kid. So we don’t want them to worry about. I have to do laundry, or I don’t have shampoo or a tooth bush.  So we really try to provide everything they may need," said Dyer. 

While the job can carry an emotional burden at times, Kelsey said seeing the determination in patients, to get well makes it well worth it.

"They are tough, they are tougher than any adult I’ve ever taken care of these kids are super super sick, and they come back like nothing ever happened," explained Dyer.

That proven track record is why the work at St. Jude wont stop, until no child dies from cancer.

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