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South Toledo neighborhood creates Little Free Pantry to help those in need

Borrowing from the concept of a Little Free Library, a Little Free Pantry offers free food for those in need. The hope is that the idea catches on across Toledo.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Maybe you've heard of a Little Free Library. It's where neighbors donate and borrow books from a miniature library usually placed in front of someone's home. 

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But, have you ever heard of The Little Free Pantry? 

It's the same concept but with food instead of books.

It's not as well-known, but some neighbors in south Toledo are hoping it catches on around here.

Katie and Beth Kuntz-Wineland say they were talking with neighbors about how they feel like there is so much need in the world, but it feels like as individuals there's not much we can do about it. 

Setting up a "Little Free Pantry" was their way of doing something about it.

Katie says the truth is, as long as you have a couple of boxes and some extra food in your home, you can be part of the movement too.

"I would just encourage you to find some kind of container, it obviously doesn't have to be fancy. We've got two cardboard boxes nested so there's like a little bit of cover. And we just put out what we have to share with our neighbors," said Katie.

She also says it's something that you can do for your community today, adding, it's simple and it's amazing to see the response. She also says if you're feeling overwhelmed right now in the world and you feel like you can't make a difference, this is one way that you absolutely can.

"All it takes is what you have in your home and a little creativity and a lot of love for your neighbors, but you can make a huge difference and we can help make Toledo even stronger together," Katie says.

If you want to create your own Little Free Pantry and put it on the map for others to find and donate to head to this link right now to learn more.