TOLEDO (WTOL) - The Toledo Lucas County Public library wants to make sure you don’t fall for fake news. It’s all through a program called NewsGuard.

With so many different news sources available at the click of a mouse, media literacy has become an important part of the library's mission.

"We spend a lot of time thinking about fake news and talking about fake news and while the library isn't interested in censoring information, we do like to provide information so people can make good decisions about the information and the news they're reading,” Toledo Lucas County Public Library Deputy Director Jason Kucsma said.

The program puts a small shield next to the website to show its credibility: green for reliable, red for unreliable and orange for a parody site.

"Some of the larger media companies will show up as green shields vetted by a team of journalists and editors. It focuses on how reliable, how credible is that source, how transparent are they about the money they receive from advertisers, are they sourcing their information appropriately?” Kucsma said.

NewsGuard can be downloaded on your computer at home.