FREMONT (WTOL) - The Hayes Presidential Museum and Library held a special promotion Friday, and it wasn’t necessarily in celebration of 419 day, but instead for the country’s 19th president.

The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museum is holding a special promotion on the 19th, not just this month, but every 19th date until September.

In celebration of President Hayes, our countries 19th president, the 19th paying visitor to the museum will be awarded free admission.

Friday's 19th guest was visiting from Cincinnati, which made the drive up that much more worth it.

It is a simple gesture to guest here who understand and appreciate local history.

“Well, we wanted to do something fun that would create interest for the site. And also it’s a way to save money. So if take your chances, you could be lucky number 19 and get in for free. So, it’s just kind of a way to promote us and and give something to our visitors as well,” said Kristina Smith, marketing director at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museum.

And because of the inclement weather forecasted Saturday, the Hayes Center Easter Egg Roll will be move inside.

And because the children’s activities will be in the museum, museum admission will be free on Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.