TOLEDO, Ohio — Father’s Day is next Sunday but it’s not too early to start thinking about dear old dad.

Go 419 Host Malena Caruso went to Nature’s Corner to check out a favorite plant among dads; Arborvitae. 

"The Emerald Arborvitae is my most popular kind," said Jenny Amstutz. "They only get four-foot wide. So, you’re not giving up a whole lot of yard space."

Her advice for dads who want yard privacy, plant them three and a half feet off center and you’re going to have that nice green wall.

The classic variety is still king but there are different varieties of arborvitae like the Green Giant.

"All of these do like sun to part sun," Amstutz said. "The Green Giant is much faster growing. It can tolerate the clay soils in our area.  A lot of people use this instead of hemlock. Hemlock is hardy in this area of NW Ohio. This is a great alternative to that. They can get 30 feet tall and 12 feet wide. So compared to the Emerald Green, a lot different. So, make sure you’re choosing the right variety for your situation."

The cool thing about this giant is they come in different "ages" or stages.

"Yes, there is a huge selection, all different heights," Amstutz said. "Whatever your needs are. So if you’re thinking 'I need immediate, I need to block today, this weekend and be done with it' we’ve got the larger ones for you. If you’re like, 'we can wait for it to grow' we have the smaller ones too."

The staff at Nature's Corner encourages you to ask questions, even bring in photos and measurements of the area you're looking to plant.

Nature's Corner is open seven days a week and learn more about different plants here.   

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