TOLEDO (WTOL) - We’ve all been there before… We cracked our cell phone screen, now what?

Fixit Mobile on Monroe Street in Toledo is the answer!

The team of specialists prides themselves on being customer-focused and a one-stop shop for fixing and protecting all mobile devices, not just phones.

What makes them different than any other cell phone repair shop? They have technology that can waterproof your cell phone, mobile tablets and more!

It’s the one stop shop for all things mobile, were on the GO at Fixit Mobile and they’ve got a GREAT deal for you!

Posted by Go 419 on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Fixit mobile is offering a special discount to anyone who mentions that they saw this deal on Go 419. The waterproofing process normally costs $79.99, but for Go 419 followers it’s just $35!

They have cell phone cases, chargers, styluses and more. They replace broken screens, work on damaged phones and can even re-furbish your old phones. You can also buy a refurbished phone from Fix-It Mobile.

You can insure your products through them as well. Their Protect-It Plan offers a one-year warranty, waterproofing, a case, a charger and a screen protector for $129.99.

So, the next time you crack your screen or get your phone wet, don’t worry or throw your phone in a bowl of rice. Just head to fix it mobile 5380 Monroe Street.

You can visit their Facebook page here.

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