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Thrill, fill and spill with tips from Nature's Corner

Planting the perfects pots in three easy steps!

TOLEDO, Ohio — You may have heard your grandmother tell you, "the perfect pots are thrill, fill and spill!" She was right!

If you haven’t gotten your hands dirty yet this Spring, it’s time to get some awesome looking arrangements for those front porches, back patios.

Jenny Amstutz from Nature's Corner showed Go 419 Host Malena Caruso everything we need to know about a classic way to make sure your pots look good.

"Well everyone talks about thriller, filler and spiller. So, we’re going to follow that," she explained. 

"Your thriller is going to be something that is tall, upright. So let’s pull this out of the pot. And just like anything else that you plant you want to break the roots apart a little bit. You can center it, you can put it toward the back – whatever you prefer," Jenny explained. 

Next, comes the color. 

"Then we’re going to go with your fillers. Here I picked a yellow binden," she said. 

Jenny said don't pick the plants first. 

"So, I always search for pots first. I look at my porch or patio and I go, okay what can I fit. Maybe I want one large pot, maybe I want a grouping of smaller pots. Choose your pot first. Then we can help you decide on how many plants you need," shed explained. 

Make sure to give the plants some breathing room!

"Everything is going to grow. Hopefully!" she laughed. 

"Make sure to water and fertilize. Everything is going to do their thing." 

Then comes the last step.  

"What you’re working on is the spiller, which is a type of vinca vine. Shove that down in there. This is what’s going to drape over the front and the sides of the pot," Jenny said. 

Follow these three steps and your pots will be talk of the block! 

"This is super easy!" Jenny said. People ask well what colors do I use – just pick what you like. There’s no rule with color. Just make sure if it’s a pot that’s going to go in the sun pick the ones for sun. Watch your sun and shade and if you have any questions – ask us."

Nature's Corner is open seven days a week!

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