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Get your yard fall-ready with ornamental grasses

Jenny Amstutz from Nature's Corner explains the best practices for growing your decorative grass through fall and winter.

HOLLAND, Ohio — Burning bush and ornamental grasses are two plants that just scream fall as they change for the season. Both plants love the sun. 


With the grasses, there are some that stay 3' x 3' and some that can get 5 '- 7' so make sure to get the right plant for your unique situation. 

Jenny Amstutz from Nature's Corner said that dwarf fountain grass is one of the most popular grasses in the fall. This grass stays in the 3' x 3' range.

But, if you are looking for more of a show-stopper, Kansas grass is right up your alley as it can grow up to 7 feet tall. 

Credit: wtol

The best part is, both types of grass are fairly low maintenance.

"You can leave grasses up all winter," Jenny said. "They add a lot of winter interest with the snow and just whack them down to the ground in spring."

You can put grasses in containers for fall, but to make sure they live through winter, Jenny said you'll want to plant them in the ground.


The dwarf burning bush is a fall favorite because of its bright turn of color this season.

Credit: wtol

"With the cooler temperatures, they are really going to change and become that fiery red," Jenny said. "Everybody's going to love that."

The dwarf burning bush can get 6' - 8' tall and wide so make sure to give this plant room to grow. 

It looks great planted on it's own, or in a row to create a hedge.  

It's important to pick the right plant for your space. Jenny said that you can always ask the experts for help.

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