HOLLAND, Ohio — Anyone who owns a home is hoping for a beautiful lawn come spring, right? 

If you want an award-winning yard once we get through the upcoming cooler seasons, the best time to act is right now!

"Fall is the most important time to fertilize your lawn and by doing that, it's going to strengthen the roots, it's going to thrive throughout the winter. You're going to have a much nicer spring," Jenny Amstutz from Nature's Corner said.

Fall fertilizer

Jenny said that if you haven't put down your lawn fertilizer yet, it's a great weekend to go ahead and start doing just that. 

If you are doing a four-step program for your lawn, just remember E.M.I.L. to know when to lay out your fertilizer.


But, if you are only going to fertilize your lawn once a year, Jenny said that fall is the most important time. It will toughen up the roots of the grass plant so it can thrive through our area's notoriously frigid winter months and pop up greener and thicker once spring arrives. 

Fall fertilizers are also safe if you decide you want to over-seed your lawn this season. Apply it before a rain and let mother nature do the rest.

If you are unsure what fertilizer is right for your lawn, experts over at Nature's Corner can help you find the perfect fit. . 

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