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Why fall is a great time to get planting

Get out and get planting! Cooler autumn temperatures mean less stress on you — and your plants.

HOLLAND, Ohio — "Fall is for planting," is the mantra over at Nature's Corner. But, why exactly is fall a great to time to get gardening?

"It’s cooler; it’s less stress on you, it’s going to be less stress on the plant. You don’t have to water nearly as often," Jenny Amstutz with the nursery said.

In the spring and summer, you may have to water three to five times a week. During the fall, it's much less often, but there are a lot of different variables that go into a watering schedule. Always ask the professionals for tips on watering when you purchase your new plant.


"A lot of people ask that: 'What can I plant? If I’m going to spend the money on this, what am I going to have success with,'" Jenny said. "You can plant shrubs and evergreens, you can plant trees. Anything is going to be fine this time of year."

Credit: Jenson Strock

Jenny said that other planting requirements stay the same in the fall: fertilize when you plant, amend the soil, stake trees when necessary, etc. 

But, what steps should you take to make sure you get the right plants for your yard?

"You watch where the sun is hitting your area where you are going to landscape. Let us know if it's sun or if it's shade, what kind of soil you have maybe, and we’ll help you pick that right plant. It’s all about the right plant in the right spot," Jenny said. "Watch the sizes of shrubs. Too many times somebody goes, 'I have this shrub that is six feet tall, but I want to keep it three feet.' Wrong plant, wrong spot. So, we will help you narrow it down, help you get the right plants."

Credit: WTOL

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