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Cheers to science with the Laird Arcade Brewery

You can learn more about the brewery’s award-winning Scottish Styled Ale.

TIFFIN, Ohio — Go 419 Spirits explores the science and creativity behind some of the area's favorite adult beverages. 

At the Laird Arcade Brewery, science is part of the experience.

Located in the historic Laird Arcade Building in Tiffin, the Laird Arcade Brewery is the first “legal” brewery in the city since prohibition. The co-owners took the letters of their name, L-A-B, and infused the theme throughout the brewery. 

Drinking from beakers is just part of the experience as the space also has tabletops that resemble those found in high school chemistry classrooms, and cabinet doors under the bar to further suspend guests into their high school science class.

Co-owners Rob Weaver, Andy Flechtner and Eric Kuebler all began their journey separately and came together with the mission to create a space for the community. 

“That was my reasoning for doing this; I wanted to give something to Tiffin that I enjoyed and I felt there were enough like-minded people in the community that would enjoy it as well,” Kuebler said. 

He continued stating that this was the intent of all the owners and a mission they carry out.

Credit: WTOL 11

A personal favorite is the Bailiwicked which is a coffee-infused craft beer. The coffee comes from a shop down the street titled Bailiwicks Coffee Company.

“She roasts her own beans and we get a different coffee bean each batch,” Kuebler said. 

He shared that while the brewing recipe is the same each time, the coffee bean alters the taste slightly - a good reason to try it every visit.

Another beer to note is the award-winning Scutch ale. The Laird Arcade Brewery received bronze in the Scottish Styled Ale category at the Ohio Craft Brewers Cup. 

Kuebler said the intention in entering was to get feedback and was pleasantly surprised when they placed in the Scottish-styled ale category.

If holiday ales are of interest then the Pan Yan is a great choice. This maple pecan ale comes with a cinnamon sugar rim and reminiscences in some flavors found in delicious pies during the holidays.

Credit: WTOL 11

When asked where the name came from, Kuebler shared that the brewery commits to keeping local history included in most of the names, which lead to naming their holiday ale. 

Pan Yan was the first tavern in the area. The town Pan Yan originated went through a couple of name changes before becoming the city we know today as Tiffin.

Credit: WTOL 11

The owners of the Laird Arcade Brewery are dedicated to their community both through the space they provide to gather and the drinks they create. Kuebler shared that they try to support local where they can and purchase ingredients and marketing materials through other businesses in the area.

Experience the science of craft beer at the Laird Arcade Brewery. It’s the only time where drinking from a beaker won’t get you a one-way ticket to the principal’s office.