If you love drinks, Jeeps and a fun environment, Go 419 has the perfect place for you. 

Wheelin’ on the Rocks opened in April 2019 in North Toledo. The Jeep theme bar is the only one in the area, and one of very few in the country. Filled with old Jeep parts, graffiti walls, pool tables and so much more, the bar encompasses everything about Jeep culture. 

Pool Table
The bar has two pool tables for people to play while enjoying their night.

Crissy Antoine literally dreamt the idea for the bar, envisioning what it could be, what the logo would look like and even what the name would be. After getting the idea in October 2018, she spent six months securing investors, renovating the building, filing the paperwork and creating a haven for Jeep culture. 

Jeep Bar
The bar is filled with Jeep themed decorations.

Almost every decoration in the bar was donated, and Antoine’s brother designed the “tire tables.” With a juke box, pool tables and a back party room, there’s so much to do in one bar.

Tire Tables
Tire tables were custom-made for the bar.

Every night there’s an event, be it live entertainment, karaoke Thursdays or dancing nights, each day is action packed. 

Though the bar provides plenty of entertainment and camaraderie for Jeep lovers, Antoine likes to put an emphasis on the female Jeep culture. 

“It’s a strong uniting community for women,” Antoine said. “Usually with women, for some reason, they don’t really help each other out, but it’s the opposite in our community. We’re always encouraging women to come with us [off-roading] and always helping out other women, it’s just a team.”

Wheelin’ on the Rocks already provides a place where Jeep lovers can go to bond, but in the future, Antoine hopes to incorporate Jeep lessons into the bar to help people learn things they didn’t know about their Jeeps.

Two Jeeps
Go 419 gets a closer look inside the hood of a Jeep.

For more information, check out Wheelin’ on the Rocks on Facebook.