BOWLING GREEN (WTOL) - “Go!” … “Hurry!” … “Harder, harder!”

Though all the yelling may seem chaotic, the sport of curling is extremely precise and highly scientific.

Addison Hollands, curling instructor at Black Swamp Curling Center, home of the Bowling Green Curling Club, explains he thought curling wasn’t a “real” sport. He watched it during the Winter Olympics and thought, “I could do that!”

‘Go!’ ... ‘Hurry!’ ... ‘Harder, harder!’
Malena Caruso tries her hand at throwing a rock at the Bowling Green Curling Center.

He said within 30 minutes he realized how tough curling is, fell in love and now is one of the lead volunteers keeping the facility dedicated to curling up and running.

Hollands said the entire operation from ice management, to league organization to even the 9th End (the bar) is run by roughly 100 volunteers.

They have “Learn To Curl” events and beginner leagues. On Feb. 8 they’ll even be hosting curling Olympian Tyler George as a stop on the Olympic Celebration Tour.

Hollands said after the Winter Olympics in 2018, more than 900 people came to see what curling is all about.

To find all of they information about the Black Swamp Curling Center and upcoming events, click here:

Fast 10 Terms of Curling:

1. Bonspiel – Tournament

2. Sheet – Playing Surface

3. Pebble – Freezing small water droplets on the playing surface

4. Hog Line – Red line on the ice, stone must get past it and sweeping can begin

5. Button – Dead center of the bull’s-eye

6. House – The whole bull’s-eye

7. Skip – Captain

8. Burned Stone – Hitting the stone with the broom, making it out of play

9. Hammer – The last stone

10. End – Like an inning in baseball

BONUS: Broomstacking – After the game, the winners buy the losers the first round