TOLEDO, Ohio — You've spent weeks working on your yard and garden. Now, you want to spend some time outside enjoying the fruits of your labor, but you might be a little bit "bugged."

According to Jenny Amstutz from Nature's Corner, they carry things to help you keep those bugs away.

"Yeah, everybody’s been asking me about grubs," Amstutz said. "In July, they are closest to the surface so put down your grub-killers. Go ahead and apply those now. Water them in and it’s going to work great to keep those Japanese beetles away as well."

Amstutz said grubs can go after your plants when they turn into Japanese Beetles and love to snack on your hard work. 

Roses can be a challenge, but Amstutz said they have great products to protect them.

"So everybody loves a rose, but there are some things that you can do to help keep those yellow leaves away, if they get black spots, it’s just fungus from the early season rain, peel off the leaves," she said. "But if you’re ready to apply something you can pour this right around the base, read the labels."

Amstutz reiterated that we should read the entire label before applying any products to protect you, your family and welcomed bugs. 

"Because you want to make sure we are looking out for our bees as well. There is instruction on here to make sure you’re keeping them safe, while also keeping your roses safe," Amstutz said.

There are some natural ways to protect your plants if you're trying to stay away from chemicals. 

"To stay all-natural, for things like bugs, that eat holes in your hostas, there’s the copper soap and there’s the broad spectrum," Amstutz said. " All of these are all-natural ways to help when you’re working in the garden or you’re working with your landscape, shrubs and produce."

A long-time, go-to product for mosquitoes, ticks, everything like that is Sevin Insect Killer. 

"Yes, Sevin. It’s an oldie but a goodie!" she said. "You know, it’s great; it’s easy to use, to apply, there’s some you can hook up to a hose, so go ahead and use those and it lists over 500 different insects."

Now, there are some furry pests that we may want to keep out of our yards.  

"Yeah, there’s a lot of different plants that are deer-resistant and they’re marked for that, but things that have that rougher texture it seems like they don’t eat," Amstutz said. 

Deer will leave lavender and catnip alone. 

"Yeah so this is something, it’s all over Sidecut Park, it’s blooming beautifully. We all know that’s deer central so," Amstutz said. 

And unfortunately deer love hostas, arborvitae and roses. But, there’s a safe way to keep them off of those.

"You can spray Bobbex, which is a repellent, so go ahead and spray them with that, you only have to apply on new growth, and it will help keep them away," Amstutz said. 

Amstutz said to be sure you always ask questions if you're uncertain about which product is right for your needs. 

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