TOLEDO, Ohio — It's Spring and Go 419 is your go-to place for everything garden related this year.

The experts from Nature's Corner showed Go 419 host Malena Caruso how to impress your mom this Mother's Day!

"We are going to show you how to plant up some annuals. What's new this year is we have One Step Miles," explained Jenny Amstutz from Nature's Corner. "They are a gallon annual pots that are all pre-mixed. No more thinking what goes with what. You just buy one - One Step Smile break up the roots, plant it in your pots and it's going to be happy as can be!"

The gallon pots fill most pots. You just add soil, fertilize and water and they are good for the season. 

"Annuals do not come back," Jenny explained. "The One Step Smiles are great for pots, they're great for hanging baskets. If you want to make your own or if you don't want to make your own you can always come out and buy them!"

For moms who love to get there kids in garden with them, this is a great way to make mom happy and for a good price!

"They are 12.99 each One Step Smile and you plant it and you're good to go!" "Lots of different colors some for sun, some for shade so anything that mom would need." 

Mother's Day weekend Nature's Corner is running their annual hanging basket sale, but one and get one half off. 

They're open seven days a week!

Stay with Go 419 because all spring and summer we'll be bringing you the best ideas for your garden to make that oasis in the backyard.

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