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Go 419 is your GO-TO place for your fairy gardening needs!

Nature's Corner shows how to build the cutest fairy gardens.

HOLLAND, Ohio — It's summer, and Go 419 is the go-to place for everything you need to spice up your garden. 

The experts from Nature's Corner have some tips on how to build the perfect fairy garden.

"Nobody's too old for fairy gardens, and every Friday we have Fairy Fridays at Nature's Corner," said Jenny Amstutz of Nature's Corner. "You save 10% on your miniature garden purchase, so it's a great day to come in and pick out everything that you need."

Instead of just buying the supplies to make your garden, you can even build the garden at Nature's Corner. 

Just pick out the plants and the decor you want and you're all set to start creating it. 

"You want your plants to have the same type of care," Jenny explained. "Succulents don't need a lot of water and foliage plants need a little bit more, so don't mix it up too much. But I love stuffing it, I really like the look of that."

After choosing your plants and the perfect fairy to occupy the garden, you can add stones to make a walkway, a little birdbath, a tiny tree or any other decorative items to help create the best fairy garden.

"You can add a lot of textures, like even adding a little mulch around your plants," Jenny said. "It covers up the soil so it doesn't get too dry."

Jenny also explained how you could change up the fairy garden depending on the season, like adding new decorations around Christmas time. 

"All of these miniature plants are meant to stay small, so you can prune them to keep them small or you can let them go kind of wide," Jenny explained. "It all depends on your container and what you're looking for. And this can go outside, if it's outside in the shade maybe on a little table, and then bring it inside for the winter."

The whole fairy garden takes less than two minutes to create, and if you build it at Nature's Corner there will be experts there to provide you with good tips on the decorations to choose and the best way to build it. 

More than the decorations, the plants, or anything else, Jenny likes the freedom of creating fairy gardens because of the memories it brings and the stories it can tell.

"I love this, you're really just telling a story," Jenny said. "As [Go 419 host Malena] was picking things out, she was like 'Oh this reminds me of me and my mom,' you know, so it really just tells a story."