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Haunted Tiffin Ghost Walk celebrates the paranormal and local history

From June through Halloween, the group host weekly walks.

TIFFIN, Ohio — Halloween is right around the corner; 'tis the season for late night frights.

In Tiffin you can venture into a paranormal experience, that's rooted in history. 

For six years, Haunted Tiffin Ghost Walk has helped people explore their home town of Tiffin, and experience the paranormal firsthand at historic sites.

They have grown from hosting one tour to now offering nine active sites out of 11, with the others reserved for special engagements.

From June through Halloween, they usually hosts walk every weekend, weather depending.

The walks range from local historical landmarks, to the village of Bettsville and even investigating the flood of 1913, to the life of millionaire Charlotte Hoyt. 

"She was the wealthiest woman in Tiffin, who had an incredibly amazing yet tragic story. So, now we get to introduce her to a new generation and keep her memory alive,"  said group historian, Rachel Wynkoop.through the process by local psychic mediums.

Haunted Tiffin Ghost Walk also recently partnered with Tiffin Pedal Company to help get around town.

Credit: WTOL 11
Ghost Walk guests can experience hands on paranormal equipment and are guided by local psychic mediums

"It's a different atmosphere, different energy every single time you come onto the property," said psychic-medium Lindsey Lawson.

In the end, guests not only experience paranormal activities locally, but also walk away with a better appreciation of local history.

"It's my way to sneak history into the general population. And it's a celebration of the people who lived here. Our whole goal is to not allow them to be forgotten," said owner and operator Lisa Swickard.

Haunted Tiffin Ghost Walk wraps up their 2020 season on election night with a special ghost walk called "Scuttlebutt and Scandal" which sold out Thursday.

Their 2021 season will kick off next year in June.

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