TOLEDO, Ohio — You can end your Thursdays with FREE yoga classes at the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library. The library has partnered with Toledo Asana Room to help you master breathing and stick to your fitness resolutions. 

It's no secret many of us resolve to be healthier in the new year. Yet fitness tracker apps like Strava show many of us bail on those goals by Jan. 17. Only about 40% of us make it to the six-month mark. 

Yoga may be a useful way to stay on track. Not only does it allow you a great stretch, yoga shows you how to get in tune with yourself and your breath, Malena Caruso explained. Malena Caruso, owner of Toledo Asana Room, will instruct the yoga classes at the library. 

"The most important part of the yoga practice is breathing. Sometimes people are uncomfortable with silence, but really it's OK," Caruso said. 

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Caruso teaches yoga beginners to breathe in through their noses for four seconds, hold that breath for four seconds, and then exhale for eight seconds. Even trying this right now will show you how shallow your breathing is, Caruso explained. The 4-4-8 rule will help you to breathe more deeply, open up your body, and feel more relaxed, she said. 

The classes will introduce you to the basics of Ashtanga Yoga, including breathing techniques. Caruso will teach at Main Library downtown every Thursday at 5:30 p.m. The last yoga class is February 13. 

All experience levels are welcome. You don't have to be flexible to attend. 

Register for the classes here