TOLEDO (WTOL) - What’s better than the BIG GAME on Sunday – the big game and dogs!

Go 419 went to Lucas County Canine Care and Control to hold the first-ever Doggie 10-yard Dash.

DOGGIE DASH!! We’re putting the pups at Lucas County Canine Care & Control to the test before the BIG GAME on Sunday!! Who do you think will win?

Posted by Go 419 on Friday, February 1, 2019

Four adoptable dogs went head to head, taking on the challenge course riddled with toys, treats and obstacles to distract them before making it to the end zone.

Ace, Tyler, Amidala and Andy WarHowl were great athletes, with the winner being Andy WarHowl. He made it to the end zone in under 15 seconds with only one foul!

Ace had an unsportsmanlike conduct foul for peeing on the course.

Amidala had some fast footwork up the agility bridge.

And Tyler was the rookie of the year with his great skills and trainable nature.

Click here to watch the Doggie Dash: