TOLEDO, Ohio —

Blue Skies Fore Ever is one of the few indoor golf facilities in the Toledo area.  

“It’s just family oriented and everybody here has been here for nine years and they just love it!” Blue Skies Fore Ever co-owner, Sherry Hilkens said.

There, you can work on your swing in the winter months, or go play golf and have a good time.  

I like indoors because it keeps my swing around outside, everything feels natural. These are the best screens in the city of you ask me,” golfer Dave Cornelson said.

Each section of the facility has its own screen where you can play a golf, kind of like a virtual reality video game.

Blue Skies Fore Ever is a place for indoor golfers
Zeinab Cheaib

You've got to play it like it’s little bit like a video game, but it keeps your swing and your momentum going,” Cornelson said.

You can walk right inpay for a game of 18 holes and pick the course you would like to play in. 

Blue Skies Fore Ever offers 72 different courses from around the world. 

If you don’t have the proper equipment, that’s no problem.  

We can hit our golf balls in here, so you don’t need any golf balls and we do rent clubs if you need to rent clubs so that’s available also,” Blue Skies Fore Ever co-owner, Bill Hilkens said.

If you're looking for a place to practice on the perfect swing or just want to play a good round of golf you can head over to Blue Skies Fore Ever located at 1965 Shoreland Ave. 

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