TOLEDO, Ohio —

After a long day of work, many of us look for a place to kick back and relax and Beir Stube is the perfect place to do so. 

The pub provides guest with things to do every day of the week.   

"First of the month is the comedy night Tuesdays and Wednesdays we have trivia Thursdays is euchre Fridays and Saturdays are bands,” added Carrie Kuntz, an associate at Bier Stube. 

From live music to gamesthe owner is adamant to give guest things to do. But what makes this place so unique it sets itself apart from other bars in town is the wall of heroes.  

"They took the chance that they might have to sacrifice their life for this country, nothing I can do to honor them for their service,” said Jeffery Bollin, Owner of Bier Stube. 

As soon as you walk into Bier Stube you can see the wall and will find the three 3 men who are the inspired the wall of heroes in the first place. 

"One day I thought you know I Gotta do something the military wouldn't take me because I had hearing problems and allergies but they took my father and they took my older brother and my son and they all served in the Navy, added Bollin. 

These are just some of the names you can posted on the wall of heroes
Zeinab Cheaib

Bollin hopes one day his whole pub is covered in names of local heroes.

 "I'd love to see it someday where that whole wall is covered,” said Bollin. 

If you belong into a branch of the military or are a first responder you can come out and sign a plaque to hang on the wall.

All are welcome to check the hero's names at the Bier Stube located on Monroe Street.

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