TOLEDO (WTOL) - If the return of the snow has put you in the mood for sledding, you’re in luck! Here’s a list of some great places to sled in the 419.


The Wagener Sledding Hill is located at the Silver Lake area at Side Cut in Maumee. It’s lit, so you can sled safely after dark!

Sledding at Pearson 4600 Starr Avenue

The hill is next to Parking Lot 1, just across from the lake, where you can skate under lights when the ice is safe. Additional lighting allows sledding after dark!

Sledding at Blue Creek 7215 Providence Street, Whitehouse

Open 7 a.m. until dark. The former Nona France Quarry on State Route 64 (Waterville Street) and Providence Street has one of the area's tallest sledding hills.

OTHER HILLS IN THE 419Ottawa Park Sledding Hill 2201 Kenwood Blvd.

Located at Bancroft and Ottawa Parkway – the sledding hill is located behind the Toledo Police Museum. Sled during daylight hours. At Ottawa Park you can also head over to the open-air ice rink that’s lit and stays open until 10 p.m. Admission is just $4 and skate rentals are just $2.

Nona France Recreational Area, Whitehouse 7035 Providence Street

This man-made sledding hill is 60-feeet above ground. It is unlit so sledding during daylight hours is necessary. Enter from the park from Providence Street.

Fort Miamis Park, Maumee 600 Michigan Avenue

This history sledding hill overlooks the Maumee River and is the site of the former British Fort Miamis. This is a great sledding location for young kids. The city of Maumee allows sledding here but ask that folks don’t use the hills with steel rails. Sled until dark.

Harroun Park, Sylvania 5500 Main Street

Known to locals as “Suicide Hill” … this hill is located near the parking lot of Harroun Park. The ride down will leave you thrilled. The walk up the hill will leave you out of breath. This one should be left for the big kids. Sled until dark.

Northview High School, Sylvania 5403 Silica Drive

Watch out… this hill right next to the high school has some surprise bumps and man-made moguls. It’s best to sled in daylight hours. This hills is known to cause some wipe-outs, so adults should supervise younger kids.